Facts about SKI

Every year the Danish public sector spends approximately 300 billion DKK on goods and services provided by private companies. SKI's role is to help the public sector save money on public procurement.

All public organisations must comply with the EU directives regarding public procurement. The rules regulating public procurement ensure that private companies wishing to sell their goods or services to the public sector are able to bid on tenders that are controlled by a process in which all bids are treated on equal terms in an open and transparent procedure. The aim is to ensure that each assignment goes to the supplier with the most competitive offer - in terms of both quality and price.

By centralising the public sector's procurement needs SKI can obtain larger savings and better contract terms for all so that each individual public organisation, whether national, regional or local, does not need to invest resources in the long and often complicated process involved in carrying out a tender.

Our mission is to submit attractive procurement agreements that offer competitive prices which meet th​e demands of the users, are easy to employ and have a firm legal basis.​

A tender process in SKI results in a framework agreement that specifies which goods or services are for sale and the conditions and prices involved.

By using a framework agreement from SKI a public organisation can order its goods or services and be certain that requirements stipulated by the EU directives have been met.

SKI's focus is on standardised goods, for example furniture, diapers, pens and information technology - both hardware and software - as well as complex technology services where the procurement process can be standardised. When SKI uses its resources to deal with these standardised procurement areas, the public organisations can use their own resources more effectively on submitting tenders in areas where local knowledge and experience are important.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to submit attractive procurement agreements that offer competitive prices which meet the demands of the users, are easy to employ and have a firm legal basis.

Our vision is to become the leading research centre for public tenders and procurement in Denmark. We hope to achieve this by helping the public sector to save money whenever they buy goods and services and thus setting the agenda for public procurement in Denmark.

Owned by the Danish state and the municipalities of Denmark

SKI was established in 1994 as a publicly owned limited company. We are owned by the Danish state (55 percent of the shares) and by KL (the interest group and member authority for the Danish municipalities) (45 percent of the shares).

We are a not-for-profit company. This means that any profits are invested in developing more and better framework agreements.

The management

Signe Lynggaard Madsen, CEO of SKI

Board of Directors

  • ​​Chairman: Christian Roslev, City Manager, the Municipality of Aalborg

  • Deputy Chairman: Helene Egebøl, CEO, Schneider Electric

  • Jens Hald, owner, Hald Consulting  

  • Lau Svendsen-Tune, City Manager, the Municipality of Vordingborg

  • Morten Mandøe (appointed official), chief economist at KL (the member authority of Danish municipalities)

Board members elected by the staff

      •   Anders Lisby Madsen, contract manager at SKI

      •   Michael Hamer, public procurement lawyer at SKI


Payment information

Our bank 
Nordea A/S
PO Box 850
0900 Copenhagen C

Our account details
IBAN: DK5420004385660419